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Nov 24, 2013 10:00am EST
important to understand the technology and i how it can be used. on the security side, when people looked including from all branches of our government and other governments at this question and a series of workshops that bob friedman chaired -- and you can find the report on our web site with this -- the conclusion was because you can go to virtually any farm in this country, and if there's a dead cow, you'll find anthrax there. so getting your hands on, you know, bacteria and viruses that can cause great harm to populations is not hard to do. somebody doesn't have to try and remake it synthetically for that to happen. and the notion, um, you know, small changes in viruses or bacteria that affect their infebruarytivity, in fact, are not well understood. so nobody could do it deliberately and say they're going to design something to kill large numbers of people. but, you know, i don't necessarily find huge comfort in that. and the solution, you know, anytime there's an imbalance in warfare, there's a major change. and so the solution if we need to be concerned about biological warfare at
Nov 10, 2013 11:15am EST
book. >> thank you. no. it was because using that e-mail that i search announcing everyone, i got this divine e-mail at may ended up with two coffee a lot days. my publicist went out and got one because i've been chatting about so much. look at your hair. you crazy kid. how are you? >> a good. spinning i am so sorry, i haven't even read your review because they are running around. tomorrow when i'm working -- [inaudible] that's what i will be able to read it and tweak it. spent can i get a photo? >> i would love that. and you know you can get your photo with me anytime. just lean in. >> are you going to do-it-yourself? >> yes. don't we look crazy? >> i think we always look crazy that close. >> nice person. >> thank you. [inaudible] >> s. that the same one i complemented in pink? >> i have it in red and pink. >> you are styling, babycakes. see you tomorrow. what happens at these blogger events? >> is not that big. it's only like 30 people, and -- >> you can keep that one in the. >> that's the best one. spent it's like 30 people and not that much but i will be there. >> are there an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2